Nan Lian ensures that its business associates operate in compliance with applicable regulations and industry standards with respect to Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality (HSSEQ), acting responsibly, ethically and professionally at all times.

We do this by ensuring Group businesses and associates have people and systems in place to identify and mitigate risks to personnel, the environment and property which result from operations and by providing a technical resource to those businesses.

We assists with risk assessment and mitigation, the development and auditing of systems and inspection of assets, conducting incident investigations and sharing best practice to promote learning and improvement, within the shore establishment and with the fleet.

The HSEQ`s responsibilities include the conduct of baseline assessments and ongoing appraisal of all Group businesses and associates. The HSEQ team also makes assessments of all managed vessels and those being used or proposed for purchase, voyage, trip or time charters and is responsible for monitoring the inspection performance, approval status and prompt close out of all observations.